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Budtender or Bud Tender

One of the jobs that could be considered for a new career in the cannabis industry is a budtender job. This position is for someone who loves to work with people and someone with sufficient knowledge about marijuana, its strains and the plant itself as well as the marijuana laws. You meet interesting people and get to talk to them about marijuana.

Budtenders are on the front line of the cannabis industry working at medical marijuana and recreational pot dispensaries, the front lines of the cannabis boom. For people who love marijuana, like to help others, and who are professional and organized, this is a dream job.

Budtenders earn on average $31,200 to $42,000 per year. Budtender jobs are very competitive and only the most well educated applicants are usually hired. Budtenders are responsible for choosing cannabis strains for medical marijuana patients based on patient conditions/symptoms, as well as customer service and patient cannabis education.

Budtender Job Training

You can get a Budtender dream job in the cannabis industry, but you have to know your bud. It is essential to have the appropriate marijuana training so you can be a good candidate and a competitive applicant. Check out the educational resources below and get the training you need so you will have more to offer and be taken seriously by potential employers.

THC UniversityCannabis Training UniversityGreen CultureED

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