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Co. Lawmakers Push For Bill To Legalize Marijuana Delivery

A bill before the Colorado State Legislature would allow legalized delivery of marijuana. State Rep. Jonathan Singer and others are behind the push to make delivery of pot in Colorado legal. “We already have liquor delivery and people are able to get their prescription drugs delivered to their door,” he told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger. […]

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Lawmaker introduces bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Georgia

ATLANTA – The move to legalize recreational marijuana is gaining some traction in the state capitol, but the lawmaker behind it admits it won’t be easy. Given the fact that Georgia has a GOP-controlled legislature and it’s an election year, Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot learned the chances the state will legalize recreational marijuana […]

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Jeff Sessions Says Opioid Addiction Starts With Marijuana. Here Are 6 Studies That Say Otherwise

If marijuana use leads to opioid abuse, you might expect states where pot can be obtained legally to have a bigger opioid problem. Yet numerous studies have found the opposite: A 2017 study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that states that legalized medical marijuana reported on average 23 percent fewer hospitalizations for opioid […]

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Marijuana conflict for Vermont gun owners

In the state of Vermont there are a lot of things people like the freedom to use, including guns and marijuana. But could these two things combined come with felony charges? For veterans using a medical marijuana card, could it also spell trouble? Just last year the state of Vermont added post-traumatic stress disorder to […]

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Illinois marijuana grow facility shows what Ohio’s medical pot program will look like

Visitors who manage to gain entry to Cresco Labs’ medical marijuana grow site near Chicago are exposed to millions of dollars’ worth of pot plants and products. Because of the marijuana and the money, the company has state-of-the-art security measures in place. “We have checks and balances at every phase of manufacturing to ensure that […]

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Marijuana legalization questionable For New Jersey

Most N.J. residents still aren’t quite sold on legalizing the sale and use of weed for recreational use, even though more than two-thirds want to see changes made to the state’s marijuana laws, according to a new statewide survey, obtained exclusively by NJ Advance Media. Just 42 percent of those polled believe the state should […]

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San Diego forgiving 1000’s of marijuana convictions

Thousands of marijuana convictions in San Diego could be dismissed under California’s new legal pot rules. Proposition 64 kicked in at the beginning of 2018, but the San Diego County District Attorney’s office has been researching the criminal records of those who are affected by it for more than a year. The DA’s office said […]

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Recreational Marijuana Comes To California With A Cloud Of Uncertainty

Californians voted yes, but now the feds are saying no to marijuana. There is now a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the state’s recreational marijuana business, Even as San Francisco cannabis clubs get ready to cash in. Outside Shambhala Medical Cannabis Collective in San Francisco’s Mission District there’s a sign that reads “We will be […]

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OK lawmakers meet to discuss medical marijuana

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics officials, lawmakers meet to discuss medical marijuana vote Oklahomans will vote on medical marijuana in June. Representatives from Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spoke to legislators about their budget and how this vote will impact them. They met behind closed doors Wednesday to brainstorm about what’s next. Lawmakers and bureau officials came […]

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Harvesting medical marijuana in Texas

Texans with epilepsy will soon have a new way to manage seizures and pain. A Texas-based company, Compassionate Cultivation, had its first harvest of medical marijuana plants Friday to make a cannabis extract oil for patients. Epilepsy is the only qualifying condition for medical marijuana use in Texas. With a prescription from a registered doctor, […]