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Vermont’s governor is set to sign a bill to legalize recreational marijuana

Vermont is set to become the first state to approve legal recreational marijuana through its legislature, instead of a citizen referendum. Vermont’s House last week passed a nearly identical bill to Senate legislation to make it legal for adults 21 and over to possess one ounce of marijuana and grow a small number of pot […]

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These Lawmakers Are Going Head-to-Head With Jeff Sessions Over Weed

Right on the heels of the news about the potential rescission of the Cole Memo, lawmakers are going head-to-head with Jeff Sessions. Just last week, we received the news that the legal cannabis industry is at serious risk of disruption. Attorney General Sessions plans to revoke a policy that protects state rights. Rights pertaining to […]

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California Marijuana Growers Must Navigate Wildfire Recovery

The scale and intensity of this year’s wildfire season in California left many folks around the country dumbstruck. Who can forget the hellish cell phone videos captured by morning commuters showing whole hillsides along the highways engulfed in flames? But those were Southern California’s wildfires, some 29 of them, which raged through properties and caused […]

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California On Crash-Course With Feds Over Legalization

When California legalized cannabis on January 1, it opened the door to multiple conflicts with the federal government. Now, state and federal authorities must manage to negotiate the overlapping jurisdictions with now completely contradictory policies. These policies leave California on a crash-course with feds over legalization. If nothing else, the resulting debates and problems will […]

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What Do California’s Pot Outlaws Do Now?

From a stage in the heart of America’s most important marijuana-growing region, a DJ named Eden pleaded for unity. “Yo, give me some Hum-love,” she said. “We’ve been through tougher times than this, y’all.” She was presiding over the Golden Tarp Awards, a contest to celebrate and promote the storied cannabis of Humboldt County, California. […]

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Choosing Marijuana Strains If You Have Low Tolerance

In several instances, when you have a bad experience the first time you try something, it can be devastating or uncomfortable. That is why, you must try new things in moderation and with caution. This is even true for weed. If you are smoking weed legally for the first time, it is best to choose […]

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As 2017 Ends, Mass. Works Toward Marijuana Retail Sales On July 1

In just a little over six months, the first retail sales of recreational, or “adult use,” marijuana will take place. Regulations governing the new legal cannabis industry are on track to be finalized by March, with businesses sending their license applications to the Cannabis Control Commission soon after. A Look Back At This Year In […]