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Marijuana Industry Not Freaking Out Over Threat Of Federal Crackdown

WASHINGTON ― The marijuana industry and its advocates collectively held their breath this week following the release of new Justice Department guidance that gave federal prosecutors the go-ahead to aggressively pursue state-legal marijuana operations. But just a day after the decision, many experts are cautiously optimistic that their initial fears of a crackdown were overblown. In […]

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California Is Taxing the Hell Out of Pot, but Washington Is Even Greedier

Marijuana merchants in California, who began legally serving recreational customers on Monday, complain that they are overtaxed, and they have a point. Of the eight states that have legalized marijuana for nonmedical use, California has the second highest total taxes, beaten only by Washington, where legal recreational sales began in 2014. Alaska, where state-licensed pot […]

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Democrats Aren’t Sure Whether To Make Jeff Sessions’ Pot Crackdown An Election Issue

WASHINGTON ― Leading Democrats blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Tuesday announcement that he would open the door to a federal crackdown on states that have decriminalized forms of marijuana use. Sessions’ action reverses a Department of Justice policy from the Barack Obama administration that effectively shielded those states from federal prosecution. Sessions “needs to focus on issues like transnational […]

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A Day Of Liberation In The Golden State

For the third day in a row, marijuana is legally available for both purchase and consumption in California, for purely recreational purposes, to any adult age 21 or older. Also, for the third day in a row: the sky did not fall, the sun still rose in the east, and people are not rioting in […]