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Marijuana Trimmer or Bud Trimmer

Trimmers (Post-Harvest Technicians) are responsible for trimming marijuana in preparation for sale and processing the finished product.

Marijuana trimming jobs have changed along with the cannabis industry. This was once considered part time or seasonal work, but with many marijuana grow operations designed for year round regular harvests, trimming has become a more reliable and steady way to make a living.

Marijuana trimmer jobs are most commonly found in California, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Oregon, and Maine. Although the need for cannabis trimmers is expected to steadily climb each year and grow to many more states.

Besides the United States cannabis trimmers are also often hired in Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Australia.

Cannabis Trimmer Training

This is a skilled position, and, as a result, it can also be high paying. Marijuana Trimmers make on average $12 to $18 per hour, although some of the best cannabis trimmers can earn over $30 an hour.

Marijuana trimmers need very specific skills. Employers are looking for experience (hard to come by). Knowledge of the anatomy of the marijuana plant is essential, and knowledge of different strains can be very helpful as well. To gain knowledge, you will need to go through either on the job training, or training which is easily acquired at cannabis training schools. There you will learn about various marijuana strains, the plant’s anatomy and attributes as well as possibly working with marijuana plants. Besides training you should also be trustworthy, hardworking and focused. Check out the educational resources listed below and get the marijuana trimmer training you need so you will have more to offer and be taken seriously by potential cannabis trimmer employers.

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